i have been trying to use IDA to make a breakpoints on a 4 byte memory address to find out what arm op code writes to it . yet it fails to set a breakpoint and gives me this message " Xscale support only 1 byte length hardware breakpoints"

am using it on rooted mobile Samsung galaxy S6 , Armv8 server connection is fine i can live edit values and functions also set a break point on functions ( 1 byte op code ) it works fine .

so i guess that either am doing something wrong or debugger is limited . please note that am new to arm debugging o just want to find the op code that writes to this address for an android game .

thank you much appreciated .

  • Could you share address in memory you're trying to "listen"? – Olvin Roght Jan 23 at 14:02
  • @ Olvin Roght its a dynamic address each time i open a memory scanner ( like game guardian and scan for it and after i put the break point in IDA i get this error ) – Mr. Zex Jan 23 at 22:51
  • 1
    You should check is this address is exactly divisible by 4. – Olvin Roght Jan 24 at 8:22

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