I already asked this question on StackOverflow, but it is not getting attention; maybe here is a better place

I am running the Android emulator that comes with the Android Studio software. I created an AVD based on Pixel 2. Opening the ADB shell I get:

$ getprop ro.product.manufacturer

I would like to change the string returned as property ro.product.manufacturer, because I have an app the refuses to run on an "unknown" device. How can I do that?

The file config.ini for the AVD has a line


but this does not seem to be the same thing.

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    I've just used google and found this. Have no idea does it work but it seems pretty easy to check. – Olvin Roght Jan 22 at 8:39
  • Yes, it works! Even better than that link, because nowadays it seems that the filesystem is ext4 instead of YAFFS, so you just loop-mount it, modify the file and go. – Giovanni Mascellani Jan 27 at 18:24
  • Google always helps :D – Olvin Roght Jan 27 at 19:09

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