I'm looking for a list of all vulnerabilities that can be present in C so I can practice them all.

I found this: Category:C/C++, but it's not of much use.

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    Hi and welcome to RE.SE. Finding an exhaustive list (which seems to be what you're asking for) would be impossible as there may well be some no one is aware about. But here are some sources: this answer on SO (in particular the CERT stuff on C here), this PDF (presentation), and of course the book "Writing Secure Code". – 0xC0000022L Jan 17 at 23:58

These CWE lists will help you a lot:

Weaknesses in software written in C

Weaknesses in software written in C++

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Not a vulnerability list by itself, but SEI CERT C Coding Standard lists many “dangerous” code patterns which can be a source of vulnerabilities.

The book The Art of Software Security Assessment is a little old by now but still contains a lot of valuable advice.

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This is a great resource. You can find most of the material on SEI CERT website but the book is great.


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