I'm interested in open a binary file (.bin, without arch info), and analyze it with analyzeHeadless.bat (Ghidra version without GUI).

I know what is the architecture of the file, so I pass it as a flag to the analyzer.

My command line is: analyzeHeadless.bat <project_location> <project_name> -import <my_file> -processor <my_known_processor> -postscript <my_script.py> -scriptPath <path>

my_script.py is:

for block in getMemoryBlocks():
    current = block.getStart().getOffset()
    end = block.getEnd().getOffset()
    addr = currentProgram.getAddressFactory().getAddress(hex(current).replace('L', ''))
    current +=1

func = getFirstFunction()
print("First func is:    " + str(func))

I try to disassemble every address (looks like Ghigra doesn't do it itself), and after that I want to print the first function.

The problem is: func appears to be None.

But if after the headless execution I open the project in the GUI Ghidra, and execute:

func = getFirstFunction()
print("First func is:    " + str(func))

It works and gets me the function.

Any ideas what am I doing wrong? I guess there is some analysis that runs in the background and created the functions. How can I run it in my python script?

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The solution that I found is:


Just after the disassembly.

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