Ok so I am total noob here. I wanted to play with the bin from an instrument cluster I work on a lot. I was able to pull the bin off the MCU with a J-link. If I erase the chip and flash it with a bin from it or another cluster it works but if I change anything in the bin it won't work.. Don't worry I am not messing with the Odo value thats stored on an EEprom and easy to change lol.

Learned a little about bin patching via youtube/google and ran the bin through binwalk. doing that binwalk says

Decimal: 211720 HEX:0x33b08 Description: crc32.

I'm guessing this CRC not matching is making it fail to boot. If I look at the bin with HxD I don't see anything that matches what Binwalk is saying but I am probably looking at it wrong. Where do I find the CRC in this bin from what address is this crc checking because if I use HxD or online CRC generators It doesnt match anything in the bin also...

I am sure I am not describing this all correctly I am still learning and climbing mt. stupid.

All I want to do is change some of the error messages to say something funny. I am just doing this for the novelty and to learn something new.

Linked Github with the bin, Github link

BTW all edits I make are one for one changes so I am not shifting anything around in the bin. The attached is unedited and works.

  • So I think it sitting at 00012010 08 3B 03 now I am just not sure what section of the file it made for. If you make one for the whole file you get 98BFF3C6 – Matt Dec 27 '19 at 15:12

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