From:https://www.tendacn.com/en/download/detail-3482.html enter image description here

Im trying to find loading address (entry point of my program) for this binary, which is part off this firmware. Im trying to load it inside of IDA, how can I correctly load it, how to find entry point address? binwalk's output:

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  • have you tried the address printed by binwalk? – Igor Skochinsky Dec 2 at 21:07
  • yes ,it's not loading address.and i have tried to use uart address – Daniel Radcliffe Dec 4 at 7:40
  • what is the output from? it doesn't seem to match the linked file – Igor Skochinsky Dec 4 at 11:14
  • They're the same system, slightly different(only size).They all need to be found the loading address. – Daniel Radcliffe Dec 5 at 15:46

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