When in visual mode (command v) in radare, in the disassembly panel, I can press ; to add a comment at the location I am current seeked to (which is the top instruction in the disassembly view). I usually step through the software and would like to add comments at the current instruction pointer (rip) location.

Is there a key for that? Can I define one or redefine the ; key?

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In visual mode open up the radare console with : and enter

CCa @rip your comment

I guess that this should be something like . followed by ;. According the manual:

  • . : Seek to program counter
  • ; : Add comment
  • Thanks for your answer! But then I have to seek back and I can't see the code while typing. I would prefer to add a comment at rip.
    – iblue
    Nov 16, 2019 at 7:51

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