I want to reverse engineer an application written in C#. I would like to set a breakpoint at a function and observe the input passed to it during the normal course of the application's functioning.

  • Please clarify your question. It is unclear what you're looking for.
    – tmr232
    Oct 2, 2019 at 8:44

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I've used dnSpy in production for debugging as it can be put on a USB. It's perfectly capable of decompiling and debugging dll's.

dnSpy screenshot

It has a pretty rich set of features. It's able to attach to running .net processes, decompile the code, edit variables at breakpoints and make some code changes on the fly.


Try this: https://github.com/hexfati/SharpDllLoader

A simple C# executable that invokes an arbitrary method of an arbitrary C# DLL. The project is useful to analyze malicious C# DLL through the popular tool DNSpy.

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