I'm familiar with tools for unpacking/decompiling APKs - JADX, apktool, dex2jar, JD-GUI, and the like. I'm curious if there are tools which automate other useful tasks when reversing an APK, such as:

  • Recognizing frameworks and SDKs built into the app
  • Classifying the types of resources built into the app
  • Scanning for common security blunders
  • Finding all URLs, emails, etc.

I've come across super, though I haven't found it incredibly useful in my use cases.


You can look at DeepDive for Android, https://github.com/Nuvolect/DeepDive-Android. In addition to Jadx, it uses CFR and Fernflower. It indexes text artifacts with the Lucene search engine and has preconfigured search sets to find emails, passwords, analytics, and a few others. It runs on Android but you can use your laptop or other big screens via the embedded Nanohttpd web server and elFinder. The app is in beta.

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