I'm getting started on Java reverse engineering but I can't find a great tool. I'm currently using JD-Gui to decompile it.

I've tried PNF's JEB which is really perfect but it's only for Android stuff. Is there anything similar for standard Java ? Preferably free because JEB costs a lot for someone who doesn't use it a lot...

Some features I'd like would be decompilation of course but also class / variable renaming, find usage, and standard features you could find in IDEs..

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I develop Recaf, a free Java bytecode editor. Recaf currently supports most of what you're looking for in the current release (Decompile via CFR, class/member renaming, a verbose search feature, and contextual actions on the decompiled code). Right now it's going through a rewrite which will include even more of the features you're looking for.

If you have any questions / feedback I'd appreciate if you'd check out the project.

Also if you're reverse engineering obfuscated samples check out Java-Deobfuscator.


The Bytecode viewer is a great tool because it has different decompiler that you can try to use.


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