I have a target that automatically runs after I load it in to Ollydbg. This form, doesn't stop at the entry point (but continues to execute and at a point it pauses, I have to press shift+f9.)

Is there any way to debug it ?

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set the radio button system breakpoint in debugging options

alt+o -> events -> make first pause at -> system breakpoint

then analyze if TLS Callbacks , DllInit Routines exist in the executable these routines can alter the execution behavior

  • FYI, OllyDbg 2 supports automatic breakpoints on TLS callbacks. See here for an example. Jun 8, 2013 at 15:13

Well, I found this type of automatic run when a .NET target is loaded in Olly. If you are trying to debug a .NET target, consider Reflector instead of Olly.

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