It is trivial to do it with Alt+G command from GUI.

However, when I set multiple breakpoints programmatically, IDA doesn't recognize them as "thumb" mode ones and sets T value at breakpoint address to 0. When IDA tries to use ARM mode instead of Thumb, it is guaranteed to crash.

Setting T value 50 times manually is supposed to be too slow.

So, I try to set T = 1 programmatically.

However, I have no idea how to do that.

I tried this:

idaapi.set_sreg_at_next_code(function_pointer, function_pointer + 2, idaapi.str2reg("T"), 1)

And this:

idaapi.set_default_sreg_value(idaapi.getseg(function_pointer), idaapi.str2reg("T"), 1)

IDA simply ignores both calls, no error occurs, but T value doesn't change.

Does anyone know how to change virtual T segment register value with IDAPython in ARM mode?

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I found solution myself. Correct code follows:

idaapi.split_sreg_range(instruction_pointer, idaapi.str2reg("T"), required_t_value, idaapi.SR_user)

where instruction_pointer is instruction address which mode you want to change, and required_t_value is new mode (1 for Thumb, 0 for ARM), and

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