I'm trying to reverse engineer some BOSCH EDCs firmware (there are many of them on the internet, for example: Here).

To understand it better, I was wondering if someone has any idea how those EDCs are developed? Which IDEs are used, and what are the possible SDKs? I would really like to develop and compile a code that will look similar to the firmware that is found on the internet, where my final goal is to recognize and identify the functions that are used in the firmware.


Bosch have been developing firmware for Engine Controllers since Edc14 (as far as I know). I very much doubt their SDKs would ever be publicly available.

By the way I am also working on disassembling EDC17 controllers, so maybe there is a way to cooperate (however I don't know how we can establish contact through stackexchange)?

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  • I've added my GitHub account in the profile, contact me through the email there. – macro_controller Aug 21 '19 at 7:49

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