Iam wondering how to change search scope in radare2. I`ve made some research and set variables search.from and search.to, according to Radare2 Book, but it doesn't work at all! Screenshot from R2, setting search scope.

Could you help me with this one?

r2 -v radare2 3.6.0-git 22077 @ linux-x86-64 git.3.5.1-256-ga49bb7cf6

  • I've checked this in ver 3.6 on Windows and 3.7 on Linux and don't observe such behavior but your prompt :> suggest that you are in some different mode. Aug 9 '19 at 20:23
  • It's visual mode. I've checked on command-line prompt, and behaviour its even more weird. 0x00401152]> e search.from=0x4000000 [0x00401152]> e search.to = 0x41000000 [0x00401152]> / justtest [0x00401152]> It didnt show anything after search command. Aug 9 '19 at 21:22

Ok, I think I found the solution.

In case anybody has same issue. You have to set search.in value to "range" in order to "tell" r2 it should look within the scope you provided.


if you want to search whole memory use e.search.in=dbg.maps

Good luck!

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