Hello i have qualcomm based bootloader for mdm9x07 platform i want to convert to bin format but i did not find any script that does the conversion here are the mbn files : NPRG9x07.mbn2


  • What do you mean to bin file? It is a binary file already. – Kerim Can Kalıpcıoğlu Jul 30 '19 at 11:36
  • it is mbn file which contains library so i need to patch the bootloader which must be in .bin format to be able to interact with flash memory like dumping flash memory writing etc ... – coolirc Jul 31 '19 at 10:22

The NPRG9x07.mbn and ENPRG9x07.mbn files are both regular ELF files, which should be recognized without problem by most disassemblers and decompilers.

The NPRG9x07.mbn file is used for regular flashing, and loads at 0x80000000, while the ENPRG9x07.mbn file is used as the emergency downloader, and loads at 0x08000000.

Both are uploaded to the device using the sahara protocol, where the upload of ENPRG9x07.mbn is handled by the bootrom, while NPRG9x07.mbn is handled by the regular bootloader: sbl1.mbn.

Both implement the same download protocol, the one which starts with the flashingtool sending "QCOM fast download protocol host" and the device responding with "QCOM fast download protocol targ".

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