I have STM32F303 Nucleo board (Datasheet), and I work with Mbed IDE, which allows me to compile code to the board. The compiled code is in .bin format.

Some relevant information from the datasheet:

  • Cpu is Arm-v7
  • Flash memory starts at 0x8000000
  • SRam starts at 0x20000000

I want to load in IDA the .bin file, and map the ROM and RAM sections according to the memory map.

I tried many different configurations in the memory organization form, but couldn't find the one that represents the actual memory. The default form as IDA recognizes it:

enter image description here

From what I understand, the size of the bin file is 0x632c, which includes both the RAM and ROM. Any ideas of how can I make the cut between the two sections? And when I do, what is the right way to fill it in the memory form?

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The image is for the flash so it contains only ROM. RAM is initialized by the startup code by copying some bytes from the ROM. This should work:

  • ROM start and load base: 0x8000000
  • RAM start: 0x20000000

More info: https://stackoverflow.com/a/5435043

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