I found a pointer's address, 0x485FE058, in Cheat Engine. However, when I load up the exe in IDA, the addresses are smaller and start from 0x00401000. I read up somewhere that this was called virtual memory addresses. But, after looking, I couldn't figure out how to plug the dynamic addresses in Cheat Engine and make them show up.

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Edit -> Segment-> Rebase in IDA and input the address where it is actually loaded in CheatEngine

You will have one-to-one-correspondence.

  • I get that the rebase will work if I know the position of the same instruction in IDA and the position of the exact same instruction line in memory. ... But Cheat Engine unfortunately does not provide a mapping of the whole binary (unless I miss something). In that regard, how to know what the lines of the memory correspond to in the binary ? I guess I could trying making a search of binary values near by copying the bytes in CE where there is the function I want to modify.. :/ Aug 8, 2020 at 17:30

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