How can I get the same behavior as in gdb when using disassemble-next-line on?

When I step in radare2, I just see:

[0x7fea91263220]> ds
[0x7fea91263220]> ds
[0x7fea91263220]> ds

Why doesn't it increment? How do I get it to show what instruction it is at?


Not a bug: "Because its the prompt shows the seek not the rip. You can do e cmd.prompt=sr PC if you want that behaviour" https://github.com/radare/radare2/issues/12581


If you dont want to set it to e cmd.prompt=sr PC, you could also use the commandssr rip or sr PC to show rip when needed. By the way, could you please mark your answer as accepted? (my reputation is not high enough, so i cant comment your answer)

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