is possible with lldb have a list of functions at runtime like gdb info functions? I had a look at help but didn't find it.

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Although lldb help doesn't explicitly state gdb's info functions equivalent, it shows the command mapped from info function <FUNC_REGEX>.

Nonetheless, you may realise that info functions in gdb gives you the same output as info function .*, where .* is the regular expression that matches every function name.

That being said, from GDB to LDB command map you get two corresponding commands:

image lookup -r -n <FUNC_REGEX> 


image lookup -r -s <FUNC_REGEX>

where the first one will find debug symbols matching <FUNC_REGEX>, while the second one: non-debug symbols matching this regular expression.

The combination of both with <FUNC_REGEX> equal .* should give you the desired result.

  • Hmm, I just got error: 'info' is not a valid command to (lldb) info function .* Apr 26, 2023 at 22:32

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