I try to did the analysis with inspackage but it was not working at all, I installed everything but the time than beginning with the analysis isn't working. So the information of the ransomware is this:

MD5 7969e4ef1b2fece87b806b5dfe25a3bb
SHA-1   e2e3bf69524818083987a387aa819892863f45c8
SHA-256 029758783d2f9d8fd368392a6b7fdf5aa76931f85d6458125b6e8e1cadcdc9b4
SSDEEP  12288:GEC8omPHnaU3k+174JfHjAm99LCNO0soyqqMkVZQp582SyXfoCZrHfOYdyJI2r:FCXQHH3k+1kJ8+3FotPkzQp9hXD927
File type   Android
Magic   Zip archive data, at least v2.0 to extract
File size   835.32 KB (855367 bytes)

I want to know the tool that can help me.

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