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I've been trying to get any http/https debugger to decrypt some "unseen" game packets.

I can get it to capture anything I can see "currently" in the game successfully, and since they encrypt their server interactions I have to use fiddler/charles for the decryption process.

But, what I'm trying to do is making it capturing something similar to the links that can be captured, but this one doesn't show up inside the game anymore, and with a different id that I'm certain of it being valid as there's other people who can access it.

the captured link for example: game.server.com/notices/view?id=2278

fiddler/charles or any https debugger can recognize the response body and decrypt it directly.

the link I want to capture so it can be decrypted: game.server.com/notices/view?id=2230

but I couldn't make any debugger capture and analyse that link so it can get decrypted. and as far as I know, there's no other way to decrypt that link manually without a response body from the game, I may be wrong with that.

is there a way to capture that link manually even if doesn't show up in the game anymore, or even decrypt it without getting captured?

  • it does the job perfectly, but it couldn't help in my case here. it can capture any packet I can see "currently" in the app and decrypt it. usually it goes something like this: server.com/notices/view?id=2278 but, I want to capture something can't be captured"?" because it doesn't appear anymore in the app. the link (it's for the same function in-app as the captured packet up there) goes like this: server.com/notices/view?id=2230 the only difference is the id, but I'm lost at what should I do to get the response body for a packet that doesn't appear in the app anymore. – user28422 May 16 at 3:30

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