I'm working with an .exe which imports the old DirectX DLL DDRAW.DLL. The problem is, Ghidra doesn't know about it and shows all imported DDRAW functions as having no parameters. I know, I can edit functions to add the paramaters and define the missing datatypes, but I expect there's an automatic way to do it. Is there an option to simply load ddraw.h from the DirectX SDK and import all the function signatures and types?

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"File" -> "Parse C Source..." ... then parse the ddraw.h

But warning it doesn't work as smooth as expected. I could only get small headers to parse correctly.

A good video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u15-r5Erfnw

Maybe you could ask that guy on Github to include the ddraw.h into his data type collection: https://github.com/0x6d696368/ghidra-data/tree/master/typeinfo

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