I know how to write an opcode and how to increment and decrement machine code using plus and minus keys. However, how do I write a sequence of machine code at an offset?

E.g. if I want to write five 0x90, how would I do that?

  • That didn't work for you? – Ricardo Apr 24 '19 at 2:50

> w?
wx[?][fs] 9090 write two intel nops (from wxfile or wxseek)

First seek to the address you want to write, then write:

> s 0x000009d5
> wx 34313335

You can also use:

> w \x34\x31\x33\x35

This will write '4135' at the address pointed by s command

Radare2 also give you the option to point to the address that you want to write on:

> w \x34\x31\x33\x35 @0x000007b0

Write "4135" at 0x000007b0

Use the one you feel more comfortable.

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