I have a Sqlite database file that has blob data in it. I only know the the database has blob data and I know what the expected output should be. The blob data's expected output should be a Mac address with other text.

I tried getting the hex output but does not really help me with getting the expected output that I know is in the database. I also used a Hex editor and sqlite viewer but only shows gibberish unreadable text.

Here is some code that I tried to get the bytes from the blob data but does not produce the output I expected. Sqlite doesn't have the getBlob function in Java.

if (rs.next()) {
    byte[] buffer = rs.getBytes(1);

An expected output from the blob should be :" JOHN A6:44:33:A4:G5:A4 "

How can I programattically retrieve the blob data and decode the contents of the blob in sqlite? Are there better options to reverse engineering blob data in an sqlite database?

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