How can i examine/edit stack contents using radare2, just like gdb ?
Is there a way to examine memory using $rbp or $rsp register like below.
x $rbp-10 <--- something like this which can dump from this particular offset.

How do i change the memory contents during debugging ?
example: something like set (address)=0xff

  • For examine : we can use x same as gdb. Still searching for how to write to the memory location while debugging. Apr 9, 2019 at 16:25

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To examine in radare2 you can think as 'print values' and you can use:

px show hexdump
pxl display N lines (rows) of hexdump
pxr[j] show words with references to flags and code (q=quiet)

> px [nBytes] @[address][offset]
"Print hex 10 bytes at rbp plus 10"

[0x5618eccbf77a]> px 10 @rbp+10

> pxl [nLines] @[address][offset]
> pxr [nBytes] @[address][offset]

To edit you can think as 'write' use:

w[1248][+-][n] increment/decrement byte,word..

> w [str] @[address]
"Write \x38\x38 at rbp"

[0x5618eccbf77a]> w \x38\x38 @rbp
  • Thanks @Ricardo. I tried it .. it worked fine. Apr 11, 2019 at 9:56

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