I have this assembly:

ADRP            X8, #off_FFFFFFF006F1E960@PAGE
ADD             X8, X8, #off_FFFFFFF006F1E960@PAGEOFF
LDR             X0, [X8] ; qword_FFFFFFF0077F08A8
LDR             X8, [X0]
LDR             X8, [X8,#0x60]
BLR             X8

I'd like to know what is contained in X8 when BLR is called.

I tried doing FFFFFFF006F1E960+0x60 but it points in the middle of unk_FFFFFFF006F1E97, specifically it points at the following bytes: 0x54,0x45,0x55,7,0xF0,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF.... I've tried converting this into code but command MakeCode failed.

What exactly is this doing?

  • what's at FFFFFFF0077F08A8 ?
    – Igor Skochinsky
    Apr 3 '19 at 19:20
  • qword_FFFFFFF0077F08A8, this is seemingly empty and is placed in an uninitialized segment. The only instructions I can see are DCQ 0, DCB 0, DCB 0... Apr 3 '19 at 19:56

It seems that off_FFFFFFF006F1E960 points to qword_FFFFFFF0077F08A8 which is probably intialized somewhere else with the actual address to be called at runtime.

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