I want to use pwntools with Radare2, since this is my debugger of choice.

However, I can only find GDB-related library calls in pwntools' documentation (pwnlib.gdb).

Anyone with experience in integration Radare2 with pwntools?

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There is no integrated way to debug using radare2, but there is 2 workarounds :

1. Tell the script to wait for a debbuger

You can use util.proc.wait_for_debugger start the process when a debugger is connected.

Exploit script :

io = process('my_binary')
pid = util.proc.pidof(io)[0]
print("The pid is " + str(pid))

Launch Radare2:

r2 -A -d pid

See here for an example : https://ret2libc.com/article/19/pwntools-radare2-debugger

2. Use pwndbg

Radare2 can be called from pwndbg. It's possible to use the gdb integration in pwntools, and the use the command r2 to switch to radare.

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