It needs to work even on older versions of android (3.x and above) specifically the old Sony "PS Certified" devices, the device im working with (Sony Tablet S) i have seen reports online that installing the xposed framework will brick the device however you CAN get root

So is there any other way to hook native functions on android?

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I would suggest using Frida framework for that purpose - link. In short, it will enable you to hook native/Dalvik routines on rooted/non-rooted devices and write hook logic in JS. The framework also has python bindings which can provide means for automation. Following is a short explanation about the usage flow for analysis of APK file:

  • Rooted device:
    • there is a great quick start guide on the Frida's site - link
    • here is an example of hooking native function for a running APK file, but you can also use the framework to analyze arbitrary native executable which you can attach to or spawn a new process.
  • Not-rooted device:
    • in that case you will need to re-package APK and include server library to it. Here is a good example how to do it.

The framework is in active development and cross-platform/arch supported. If more granular control is needed, you can even develop lower-level apps (e.g. in C) against it's API library.

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