I used IDA pro to get the following disassembly code. I am having difficulty converting it into the equivalent c code.

mov dword ptr [ebp-8], 1
mov dword ptr [ebp-4], 0
 cmp dword ptr [ebp-4], 4
 jge short loc_40102E
 mov eax, [ebp-8]
 add eax, [ebp-4]
 mov [ebp-8], eax
 mov ecx, [ebp-4]
 add ecx, 1
 mov [ebp-4], ecx
 jmp short loc_401014

This C code compiles to the equivalent of your assembly code:

void f() {
    int b = 1;
    for (int a = 0; a<4; ++a) {
        b = b + a;
    // disassembly finishes here but maybe there's something like below
    // return b;

The output on Compiler Explorer switches [ebp-8] and [ebp-4] and uses eax rather than ecx to increment the loop variable but it looks equivalent to what you wanted.

  • Please copy the code here when you write answers so that the answer is still relevant even when godbolt is down.
    – sudhackar
    Mar 20 '19 at 8:22
  • thank you. @booto can you give me some tips as to how can I convert this? Is there any tool? Mar 20 '19 at 16:46
  • Compiler Explorer is pretty good - you can write C/C++ in the left pane and see the resulting assembly in the right. You can change the target compiler/architecture or the flags being passed to the compiler, or add multiple panes with other compilers. Are you familar with x86? The Intel Software Developer Manuals are a verbose reference, but you can probably find briefer summaries. I'm not familiar with tools that will automatically do the conversion for you.
    – booto
    Mar 21 '19 at 0:23

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