I have the instruction which is:

 5ff1aed4         bl         sub_5ff171d0  

which assembles to:


This appears to mean that the program is branching backwards, However I can't seem to find the offset it is adding onto the PC when I try to dissassemble the instruction:

OP   H  Offset
1111 1 00101111100 // Low - 17C 
1111 0 11111111100 // High - 7FC 

This is clearly incorrect because it increases the size of the program counter instead of decreasing it. Can anyone explain where I'm going wrong?


When you assembled it, you ended up with the bytes:

FC F7 7C F9

This is two 16-bit little endian thumb instructions:

fc f7 = 0xf7fc = 111 10 11111111100 = BL, H=10, offset_hi=0x7fc
7c f9 = 0xf97c = 111 11 00101111100 = BL, H=11, offset_lo=0x17c

For the purposes of calculating the BL's destination address, the pc is:

pc = address of first BL instruction + 4 = 0x5ff1aed8 

For the calculation of the destination:

dest = pc + (sign_extend(offset_hi)<<12) + (offset_lo<<1)
     = pc + (0xfffffffc<<12) + (0x17c<<1)
     = 0x5ff1aed8 + 0xffffc000 + 0x2f8 
     = 0x5ff171d0 (result is only 32bits wide)

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