I am new in the reverse engineering, I have a good experience in programming MCUs like c51 and ARM. Now I would like to learn about Tricore reverse engineering... ECUs mainly. I can obtain the ECU flash as bin files, my question is: what IDE and debugger hardware (jtag) is best for this job?

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  • IDE: High Tech RT but it is usually tied up to one TriCore processor with other limitations. However you can compile your C into TriCore executable
  • JTAG Debugger: Mini Wiggler from Infineon or if your budget allows that, Lauterbach. However ECUs are safety critical devices, so they use a system of internal and external watchdogs. If you set a breakpoint in TriCore, after hitting the breakpoint ECU usually reset itself. So OCDS can be (on production ECUs) used only as RAM monitor at best.
    Second problem which you will come across is, that most of TriCore ECUs has JTAG interface disabled because UCB0 is set.

It should be obvious that you should first buy some development kit, like this application kit which has integrated debugger and understand how TriCore's internals are working. It is going to be less frustrating for you than develop anything on security hardened production ECUs.

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