I have a luac file for a program I use. I'd like to make a modification to this file to call a function from another luac script. My understanding of the way luac works is the first few bytes are the version of lua that have been used to create the file but I'm not quite sure how many bytes or what to do with them:

1B 4C 4A 01 02 D1 01 00 02 05 00 08 00 1B 34 02 00 00 10 03 00 00 34 04 01 00 3E 02 03 02 27 03

That's the first 32 bytes, hopefully someone can identify what version of lua I'm looking at. I believe it's LuaJit, although I'm not 100% sure.

My end game here is to make an edit to this file. I believe I know how to make the edit if the files was in an un-compiled lua version (as opposed to luac); so my logic here is to find the version of lua being used, then try and use a lua decompiler appropriate for the version in question, take the lua file, make my edit then recompile the file back to luac.

But I have no experience with this, is my plan appropriate? Can anyone make suggestions about changes to my plan?

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