I have tried multiple tools already like binwalk or trid hoping to find some information about the image.

As far as I know the CPU used is from Imagination Technologies and uses some sort of RISC instruction set.

Image file: https://mega.nz/#!zxZFiQpI!6wDi09igIat_fRJKv8XA2KCD7eBH7Dgvs3BZDc_1GsU

Any help is much appreciated.


The last Image file I provided wasn't actually compressed.

Here is the actual Image I am trying to get decompressed/decomplied: https://mega.nz/#!iwgHkS7Y!s2gXCjJoXQ1YbdXwt_GMxt-VWGSLpvX0pX_x_KMBlmo

As you can see at 0xA82F8 there are parts of an XML UPnP file which makes me think that it might be compressed.

Note: I have already figured out how to data is stored at 0x150160

Update again:

I am now pretty sure that it is compressed because I just found some strings called "CompSize", "DecompSize","DecompBuffer", and the 4-byte value next to "CompSize" is the exact size the "big" area of the image has.

Here are two images of the "big" section taken from two very similar units.

DecompBuffer : B0523000
CompSize     :   1477B3
DecompSize   :   266380
CodeSize     :     1F10
CompBuffer   : B0000000


DecompBuffer : B0523000
CompSize     :   147859
DecompSize   :   266468
CodeSize     :     1F10
CompBuffer   : B0000000


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    Welcome to RE.SE! Can you provide more context? Do you know which chip it is supposed to run on? Could it be SuperH? – Nordwald Feb 11 at 11:04
  • As far as I know the CPU is a META122 IP Core. I don't know about superh but will Take a Look at it. – Lukas S. Feb 11 at 11:15
  • I just took a look at SuperH but it doesnt seem to be SuperH. If it helps here is the "header" of the actual flash image. mega.nz/#!igwzVYaa!7irVEnQd3q8Y2k06ZYX5Wx9kZYS6bCbbqqdn6wKM49I – Lukas S. Feb 11 at 16:51
  • Looks like its only partially zlib compressed. Did you try binwalk -e? It yields javascript, html, css, JSON config, some pictures, an icon.. even some kind of spotify handler. There are even comments in the js code. – Nordwald Feb 12 at 8:11
  • I think what you are talking about is the area below 0x150160 but as I said, I have already figured that part out. – Lukas S. Feb 12 at 8:23

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