So I am working on an old application that use to run on Directplay8 now deprecated and the company who created this directplay8 game is out of business and has been for some years. I am writing a new server based on raknet, but I need to see if there is some way to bypass this applications enumeration query and somehow get into its gameworld. The game client upon startup starts an enum query looking for a server. Just trying to see if something could be mocked up on some directplay8 server to accept its enum query.ReelDealLive

FYI, the submit character name button does not function until it has contact with it's server. The game client looking through IDA pro handles 95% of all actions in-game and just sends data back and forth between the server updating where it's at on the map. This particular game was built on the 3d engine Ogre3d.

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