I have Final Fantasy X HD Remaster that I'm using for this, as I find their systems quite interesting. Main goal for this is a personal project, but beyond it, it would help with the educational side of things, getting a concrete knowledge of how FFX's system worked fully, as I struggle to find any reliable source with full detail on the battle system, which would mean I'd be never posting this question.

So, to prevent people going from the beginning, I will tell you what I have already accomplished.

  • Already unpacked the vbf file for final fantasy X
  • Located a folder called ffx_ps2, which lead me to believe this where the battle system would be as last I heard, the battle engine never changed from the ps2 version
  • Did locate folder containing various items, with the main folder called battle, which lead into several files and other folders, one file called system_01.bin

Considering everything I already know, the ps2 was built around C++ even when compling everything, so I assume the game will be the same case. That, however, is where I hit the wall and can't move any further. I'm using Notepad++ right now, and when I load it in there, it produced unreadable mush of binary.

Here's an image of it:

enter image description here

Any ideas on how to make this mess a readable code form? Once I can read this file, the other files should be just as simple to open.

EDIT: Some further calrification as the edits that we're suggested aren't entirely right. The game FFX HD Remaster is the PC version, as it's an update to the original game that existed on the PlayStation 2. Now, the file I showed up there in that image was found inside a folder that was called ffx_ps2, which leads me to believe it is original code from the PlayStation 2 version. The file is a binary file so, it may be a literal transplant with no edits from the original source code. While I have been doing some other research in other areas regarding this, I'd still be interested to see if I could get this working instead.

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