this question is a follow-up from this previous post: Flash dump binwalk blank, low entropy

I need to reverse engineer a firmware from a very secure device. I was able to reverse engineer the PCB and create a JTAG connector, which I used to read the EPROM memory. I tried to binwalk and all other software techniques but they all failed to provide any lead to what is in the firmware.

I then tried to open the file in IDA, and I could translate all memory blocks into Assembly instructions. Is it possible that the firmware does not reside in any operating system, but instead is only a set of Assembly instructions?

If indeed is just a set of instructions, would binwalk point anything confirming that?

File has 256Kb.

This is the processor: STM32L 152CCT6


Yep it could be just "bare metal" code without any OS or standard data structures which binwalk can carve.

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