I can't understand the meaning of ascii-art color bars.
what is the meaning of the # charaters?

[0x08000210]> iS=
00  0x08000000 |---------------------------------| 0x08000000     0 ---      
01  0x08000200 |--------------------#------------| 0x0800020d    13 rw-  .data
02* 0x08000210 |---------------------##----------| 0x08000237    39 r-x  .text
03  0x08000240 |-----------------------###-------| 0x08000272    50 ---  .shstrtab
04  0x08000280 |-------------------------#######-| 0x08000310   144 ---  .symtab
05  0x08000310 |-------------------------------##| 0x0800032a    26 ---  .strtab
06  0x08000330 |--------------------------------#| 0x08000348    24 ---  .rela.text
07  0x08000000 |###------------------------------| 0x08000040    64 rw-  ehdr
=>  0x08000210 |---------------------------------| 0x0800020f

This chart describes the different Sections and Memory Segments in your binary.

Each row in the chart is a different section where its name is in the rightest column. From the left, you can see its start address, from the right you can see its end-address and next to it you can see the sections' size (decimal). That means, Start-Address + Size = End-Address.

The ASCII bar itself is an imaginary range of addresses and the hash sign # will mark where on this range the section appears. In your example, the chart begins at 0x08000000 which is the lowest address and ends at 0x08000348 which is the highest. The .symtab is the biggest section in your example since it in size of 144. This is why it has the biggest amount of # characters.

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