I would like to use Radare2 to learn about how C is assembled into assembly but I am having trouble with the layout. I think the V! mode would be very handy as you can watch the registers update as the instruction pointer moves through the program, but I don't understand the layout.

This is an example of they layout I would like: enter image description here

It seems when I add a window (like Stack or Registers in this photo) it appears offscreen and I have to try closing different and splitting windows until the layout kind of falls into place. Is there an easy way to change exactly what is in each window?

I know 'X' closes a window, 'z' switches the current window to the front, and '-' / '|' split a window.

I have tried looking at the help but can't seem to figure out any other commands related to this issue.

  • Hi and welcome to RE.SE. If you literally just want to see how the compiler translates stuff to assembly you may be better off using a compiler (GCC's and Clang's -S switch may be helpful here). Additionally you can use the Compiler Explorer or install your own instance of it (it's open source).
    – 0xC0000022L
    Jan 16, 2019 at 11:47

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Use TAB to move between the windows, use e to change name and command of a specific panel you are on. Use w to enter the window mode. "Window mode" allows you to control how the panels look like. In window-mode you can use HJKL to resize the window's height and width.

This should answer your question "Is there an easy way to change exactly what is in each window?". Because you can simply select a panel and use e to change its content :)

Don't forget to use ? in the different visual screens to get more help

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