I'm trying to create a FLIRT signature for sqlite3.

First, I downloaded the newest source code (3.26.0) and compiled it into a static library:

cl /c /EHsc sqlite3.c
lib sqlite3.obj

Then I did pcf to generate pattern file:

> pcf sqlite3.lib
sqlite3.lib: skipped 0, total 1

But there were only one element in the pattern file:

558BEC8B4508C70002000000B8........5DC3CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 04 2F1B 00096973 :0004A930@ _winTruncate :0004AAD0@ _winSync ....

I checked symbols of the static lib: enter image description here

The static library obviously contains more than one symbol.

What's wrong?

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