Lets suppose I have a very big binary and I want to reverse just a part of this binary.

Is there a way to tell angr to start symbolic analysis at a given address ?

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There sure is.

p = angr.Project("target_binary")
state = p.factory.blank_state(addr=0x400770)

I strongly recommend reading the State Presets section of the docs for more information. Crucially, all of the state preset constructors can take the addr argument; depending what you're doing, there may be a better preset to use than blank_state.

Further resources:

API docs

Examples from the angr team that include starting analysis at a specific address:

  • Okay thanks is there a way to say to angr i want to get a particular value at a given memory location ?
    – Bob5421
    Jan 15, 2019 at 11:57

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