I am trying to make an IDC script which will enumerate through all the functions and strings in IDAFree. Currently, I have figured out the function enumeration, but have had a tough time finding a way to get all the strings from the IDA API. Because I am using IDAFree 7, I think that I am unable to use idautils or idaapi. So something like sc = idautils.Strings() is not going to work. Any ideas? Thanks

#include <idc.idc>
static enum_funcs()
    auto addr, end, args, locals, frame, firstArg, name, ret;
    addr = 0;
    for(addr = NextFunction(addr); addr != BADADDR; addr = NextFunction(addr))
        name = Name(addr);
        end = GetFunctionAttr(addr, FUNCATTR_END);
        locals = GetFunctionAttr(addr, FUNCATTR_FRSIZE);
        frame = GetFrame(addr);
        ret = GetMemberOffset(frame, " r");
        if (ret == -1) continue;
        firstArg = ret + 4;
        //args = GetStructSize(frame) - firstArg;
        Message("Function: %s, starts at %x, ends at %x\n", name, addr, end);

static enum_strings()


static main() 
    Message("FuncDump: Start\n");
    Message("FuncDump: Done\n");
    Message("StringDump: Start\n");
    Message("StringDump: Done\n");
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