I downloaded the flash memory of a device, and I would like to extract the firmware from it. However, after running binwalk nothing comes out:

root@fabio:~# binwalk flash.bin 



I thought that the dump could be encrypted. Therefore, I did an entropy test, but again results are low suggesting that no compression or encryption has been used:

root@fabio:~# binwalk -E -N flash.bin 

0             0x0             Falling entropy edge (0.740795)
8192          0x2000          Falling entropy edge (0.783186)
46080         0xB400          Falling entropy edge (0.782712)
172032        0x2A000         Falling entropy edge (0.783186)
209920        0x33400         Falling entropy edge (0.782712)
221184        0x36000         Falling entropy edge (0.635223)
225280        0x37000         Falling entropy edge (0.777494)
230400        0x38400         Falling entropy edge (0.656148)
236544        0x39C00         Falling entropy edge (0.627715)
238592        0x3A400         Falling entropy edge (0.833950)


I also run rabin2 from r2, and again results suggest not encrypted:

root@fabio:~# rabin2 -I flash.bin 
baddr    0x0
binsz    262144
bits     64
canary   false
sanitiz  false
crypto   false
endian   little
havecode false
laddr    0x0
linenum  false
lsyms    false
maxopsz  16
minopsz  1
nx       false
pcalign  0
pic      false
relocs   false
static   true
stripped false
va       false

I then opened my flash dump in IDA and there are assembly instructions in it, along with other stuff.

At this time I have exhausted my noob reverse engineering techniques. Would you have any advice on what to try next?

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