I am doing working on a project of my own where I am using the data of a football game to calculate certain statistics on players. Long story short, I am having trouble extracting the data from the save file of the game: file

I know so far that the game uses a unique identifier, UI, which I have managed to convert to hex.

Once converted, I would have to 1) add a 0 to the start of the hex value if it is an odd set of numbers 2) reverse the order of the hex digits (i.e 1c872 becomes 72c801).

Next I would have to find this value in the file using a hex editor. Once having done so, I have to obtain another set of values (which I think represent the player's second UI, one which allows me to access the rest of his data.

After doing so, I search this new value again until I get a series of '01010101' which finally allows me to get the data that I need.

As you can see, this whole process is a bit convoluted and it is simply for 1 player. There are approx. 14k players I need to do this for; something very unrealistic if I were to do it this way.

This leads to my post: Is there a way I can decompile/decrypt etc. this file so that I can read it's information?


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  • Your download link does not work. – TkTech 2 days ago

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