In VSat modem like COBHAM Explorer 510, the company offers to upgrade software every one year. So I check the new software update. It contains a tiif file format that the user manual said to copy the file from USB to hardware. I searched over internet but I can't find what is tiif file format. Does anyone have a suggestion or familiar with this file format? The beginning of this file is like below:

¢Ïž”쮃ì L    tt:ReleaseHeade °
 •Ztt3711a-bganxl_ut_release_an-30     products=3711A
 I™\v   5  suum            y¨Æ3# cidx,poolname,partsize,mount,fstype,platform,swmajor,swminor,swnumber,wts
  • Hi and welcome to RE.SE. May I interest you in this Q&A as well as in the overall firmware tag?! – 0xC0000022L Dec 5 at 14:10
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    You should provide a hex dump of the first few hundred bytes of the file instead of copy pasting from notepad. The application used to open this file has attempted to interpret the information in the file as text which can obscure the information not intended to be decoded this way – julian Dec 5 at 15:44

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