IDA Pro has remote debugging function. Some parameters are invisible characters and cannot be copied into the “parameter” edit box. So I want to start remote debugging with IDC or IDAPython. Do you have a similar script? My script failed to execute. As follows:

#include < idc.idc >
static main() 
auto hostname = "";
auto password = "";
auto portnum = 23946;
auto path = "/home/user/code/vuln_4";
auto args = "aaaabbbb"; // This parameter may be invisible characters.
auto sdir = "/home/user/code";
auto return_val;

return_val = SetRemoteDebugger(hostname, password, -1);
Message("SetRemoteDebugger return_val = %d\n", return_val); 

return_val = LoadDebugger("linux", 0);
Message("LoadDebugger return_val = %d\n", return_val);

return_val = StartDebugger(path, args, sdir);
Message("StartDebugger return_val = %d\n", return_val); 


execution results:

SetRemoteDebugger return_val = 0
LoadDebugger return_val = 0
StartDebugger return_val = -1

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