I'm trying to extract menus and other stuff from a New Executable (NE), i.e. the ones from Windows' 16-bit times. The tools I find (e. g. ResourceTuner) work for PEs only.

Any idea for tools to facilitate the resource extraction? Could be several steps too, e.g. one program extracting the raw resources, one displaying them in a proper form.

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You should try OpenWatcom's Resource Editor, and also Hiew and HT Editor albeit these 2 won't likely display them in proper form, as they are just NE-supporting hex editors.

OpenWatcom includes a full toolchain for Win-16 and dos development.

  • I took a look at the OpenWatcom, looks very promising. Thanks Commented May 3, 2013 at 21:14
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A great resource for old tools is the SAC server. From a quick search Resource Grabber seems to support NE resources, though the UI is annoying to use.

Another options is eXeScope (shareware).

Also, long time ago I found somewhere a tool with the name dresplay.exe. I don't have it at hand right now and Google doesn't seem to know about it...

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