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When I use the above idapython script to output all functions which belong to '.text' segments, it is missing some functions. For example, from the screenshot, the script will miss the function "_ZN7android13ResStringPool5setToEPKvjb". I wonder why IDA Pro cannot recognize this function?

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  • As far as I can see this function has code reference,so it should have been recognized if everything is OK with the function. However it doesn't happen. Try to go to the start of this function and in disassembler window and press <kbd>P</kbd>. If there is some problem with this function IDA may print error message in output window. Do you see any error message ? – w s Nov 28 '18 at 13:08
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    I just contact with IDA Pro team. They recognize that there is one function that is not supposed to return but IDA is not aware of this fact. They told me how to manually fix it. And they will fix this problem in next release. – sun Nov 28 '18 at 19:16

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