The manual for the R16 (aka A33) specifies where the NAND Controller is in its memory map, but doesn't specify at which memory address it will store the first byte of the firmware. How can I find it?

  • The current U-Boot release fully supports major functions (except NAND) on all the older Allwinner SoCs (A10/A10s/A13/A20/A23/A31/A31s) and has basic support for the more recent A33, A64, A80, A83T, H2+, H3, H5, and V3s(No MPI-DSI Lcd). ... how about having a look at the U-Boot mainline code? – 0xC0000022L Nov 20 '18 at 9:25
  • But I am sure the image is loaded from NAND – Arkyo Nov 28 '18 at 14:15
  • right. Your point being? Going by your question you are not interested where it's loading the firmware from but whereto in memory, or otherwise you should edit your question to clarify what you need. So my suggestion to look at the U-Boot code stands. Or what am I missing? – 0xC0000022L Nov 28 '18 at 15:19
  • so as long as its loaded into memory , it is loaded in a "U-boot" manner? – Arkyo Nov 28 '18 at 15:56
  • No, U-Boot is merely a boot loader (well, some would deem it the boot loader). However, U-Boot sources are a treasure chest for someone like you trying to find where a particular CPU/SoC/board expects to load its firmware from in memory. Even though this can typically be modified you should be able to find defaults from the U-Boot sources. – 0xC0000022L Nov 28 '18 at 16:27

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