Radare2 has an option, p-,

Usage: p-[hj] [nblocks]   bar|json|histogram blocks
| p-   show ascii-art bar of metadata in file boundaries
| p-h  show histogram analysis of metadata per block
| p-j  show json format

Using it though, I get a

[0x08048340]> p-
0x8048000 [..______ssss_ss__s_ssssfss^fsffssffsffsfszz] 0x8048538

without a legend. What do these different symbols mean f, s, z, _, ., and ^?

You could get that by looking at the source code here.

Each caracter represent a different things that a block can contain. They are checked in order (so that it doesn't mean only one thing can be in any section) and each symbol marks the block that...

  • ^ - you are in
  • z - has strings
  • s - has symbols
  • F - has functions starting in
  • c - has comments
  • . - has flags
  • f - has functions partially in
  • _ - has something else

But I agree a legend would be helpful. Maybe this should be documented in r2 book or p-? should actually print the legend.

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