I am trying to understand the difference between a function's offset and its minbound in radare2. Consider this function in radare2 (output of aflj):

        "offset": 4549740,
        "name": "sym.tightdb::TableViewBase::sync_distinct_view_unsignedlong",
        "size": 2394,
        "realsz": 4598,
        "stackframe": 1200,
        "calltype": "(null)",
        "cost": 4425,
        "cc": 103,
        "bits": 16,
        "type": "fcn",
        "nbbs": 213,
        "edges": 298,
        "ebbs": 9,
        "minbound": "4267940",
        "maxbound": "4552134",

There are a few things which are not clear:

When I do pdf @4549740 (print function at offset), radare2 starts to print at 0x456644 (=4548164), which is none of the values above.

I would expect that offset always points to the begin of the function's first basic block. Indeed, this seems to be the case here, as offset + realsize = maxbound. But maxbound - minbound = 284194 and this is clearly much longer than the function should be.

So, what does minbound indicate and how does it differ from offset?

Example binary

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